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Bartholomew LaFollette and Caroline Palmer: Debut CD on the Champs Hill label out now!



Reviewed by The Strad Magazine, November 2017

"...and here [he] plays these sombre works in Daniil Shafran's arrangement, shading his sound with all the subtle nuances of the human voice."

"The opening of the F major Sonata soars inspiringly... The dolce at the end of the Adagio is heart-wrenching."

"The recording, made in the music room at Champs Hill in Sussex, is of a very high quality, with every detail of the timbre of LaFollette's 1841 Dollenz cello rewardingly audible."

Reviewed by Gramophone Magazine, October 2017

"Technical finesse and interpretative insight."

"Where the E minor sonata is darkly lit and melancholic, the F major sonata is boldly ardent. LaFollette and Palmer revel in the distinction."

"The cellist’s supple phrasing, variegated tone and sensitivity to harmonic incident draw one directly into the music’s interior drama."

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